Finding an image and tips for navigating around site.


The galleries are set up with a few selected "best of" images first and then the most recently posted.

When selecting a gallery/project most will first show a "profile" page. There is a slide show running and this can be made fullscreen. For a more in depth look click in the top corner of the slideshow and visit the gallery. The gallery has a film strip, fullscreen slideshow and thumbnails. From here you can download share, like etc.


We have tried to set the site up to be a great resource and reference. All the repairs we carry out are done to original specifications so if you need to find a specific part of a vehicle or just to see how we did something we have added keywords to many of our images which are seachable.

The search function searches all of the website - titles and keywords and returns a maximum of 500 images. So for example if you seach "doors" you will return all doors on the website. Search "Doors 356" you will get all (Porsche) 356 Doors. Adding vehicle details will narrow the search to a particular vehicle. The search will not search partial words so spelling mistakes won't work. Clicking on an image from search results will then give you option to download or full sreen(dim the lights) Tab or arrow back will return you to the search results. Limitations on the website software beyond our control prevent multiple downloads or slide show of search results. Once you have found what you want you can of course go to the gallery and download multiple images/view slideshow.

The following keywords are used:

body front rear a pillar  b pillar tunnel floor inner guard fender sill rocker quarter panel tank support doors  closing panel scuttle firewall bulkhead bonnet hood boot bootlid trunk battery deck engine lid grill valance roof tailpan dogleg interior engine engine bay electrical paint chassis suspension transmission torsion

We are adding and modifying tags all the time following migration from our previous wesite so apologies in advance if you dont get directly to where you want.