356 Porsche Coupe 1954


This vehicle is one of the very early right hand drive 356 Porsches sold new by the official dealer in the UK.

The vehicle eventually made it all the way to New Zealand.

The current owner a long time VW enthusiast acquired the vehicle many years ago. At this time the condition had deteriorated to the point that it required extensive rust repairs to pass the WOF (roadworthiness certificate) and the engine and gearbox were worn out. The owner undertook these repairs himself and enjoyed another 20 odd years of use up to the point that these repairs had also reached the end of their useful life.


Any right hand drive 356 is rare and being a Pre A even more so.


Complete strip down media blast and extensive rust and damage repairs including a new guard (fender) made in house. The car has been painted Lizard Green Metallic, a colour used on VW Karmann Ghias of the era. The interior will be trimmed in ox blood leather and while not original it will be an outstanding combination.