Porsche 911 E 1973


An original right hand drive that started life in the UK. And made its way to New Zealand. It is optioned with sunroof and extra trim.


This was our first 911 and one of our early projects. Digital cameras were only becoming commonplace towards the end of the project so the early images are on film!

Coming from the UK, it came with built in rust which was pretty severe. An entire new NOS floor was installed along with fuel tank support, chassis rail sections, sills, rockers etc.

It was painted back to the original blue and original interior specs were maintained. The engine was rebuilt by the owner.

Porsche 911

"Longhood" 911's, those produced before 1974 are becoming very collectible. They were constantly evolving from the start of prodution in 1965 (Not witstanding '64 models which are special). Improvements in handling power and specification were notable. In 1973 generally speaking there were three models available. The T or base model, E with higher trim spec and S with more power.