Porsche 356 Speedster 1958



Purchased from California late 2010. No history known apart from original owner and evidence of a roll cage being fitted.

It’s hard to figure out how the car got to the state it was. Clearly a restoration, where somebody stripped the paint off and then gave up.


The car was dismantled down to the bare shell and mounted on a Dolly

Media Blasting was undertaken in our own shop prior to rust repairs commencing.

The car was moderately to seriously rusty. Sills, floors, longitudinals and battery box floor were replaced. This was done using premium quality European & NOS panels.

Aside from some Left front damage there appears no other accident damage and the car has good gaps. The front clip was replaced due to the accident and poor rust repairs.

The vehicle received a full measure on our Auto Robot Chassis Machine to ensure proper alignment.

The car is matching numbers including all panels and will be returned to the original Ruby Red/Black colours.

Due to the condition we started with restoration took a little over 3000hrs and was undertaken to the highest standard as acknowledged when shown.

Porsche Speedsters

Speedsters were produced from 1955 – 1958 and remain one of the most collectible of the 356 series.

They were developed as a cheaper lighter weight version with removable windshield that one could go racing on the weekends. James Deane raced one before meeting his end in his 550 Spyder.

They differ noticeably from convertible models due to the removable windshield and lack of door or side windows. They also have a classic bucket seat although special order coupe seats were available. (as was the case with this car)

Throughout the series the 356 was undergoing constant improvement. 1958 was the T2 era that saw improvements in engine and suspension.

The Speedster was followed by the Convertible D and Roadster which had a taller screen and featured wind up windows and a few other refinements – generally accepted as being more practical but not a real Speedster.