VW Beetle 1954

Best Of Show at VW Nationals 2013. Class Winner 2012 & 2011.



This car was assembled in Germany almost certainly included in the very first official shipment of VW’s to New Zealand in 1954. Built in Jan ’54 it is was for a long time the oldest known “Oval” back window beetle in New Zealand.

Local assembly started the following year and many unique features started to appear due to local content.

Surprisingly a German assembled beetle is less common in New Zealand than locally assembled.   

It has only had three prior owners and was purchased in Auckland from well known collector at the time Gavin Frost.


Restoration: Revivem Auto Restorations.


The car was completely unmolested apart from a re-spray of the outside in a pale yellow color. As would be expected it did have some rust in the usual spots. It still has the original floor pans and sills.  


It is a matching numbers car still having the original motor and transmission that was installed in the factory.


Meticulously restored every last nut & bolt was removed in the restoration and every part is correct for the year. Many NOS parts were used and even all of the nuts and bolts used are period correct German brands.


The car is painted in its original L213 Island green, solid colour with an “off the gun” finish as per original. All other components such as tank interior trim are matched to the original colours.


Just under 1500 hours were spent on the restoration which included engine and gearbox rebuild.


Just another Oval.


Significant changes were occurring in the beetle evolution at the time this beetle was built. Only a few months before the split back window disappeared but prior to 1955 many items were the same as split window beetles, making restoration to original very difficult.

Here are a few items that changed in 1955:

Ribbed doors                                                    Door handles

Door locks and strikers                                      Seats

Steering Wheel & horn button                            Petrol Tank & filler cap

Hand brake & cables                                         Floor pan (Tunnel)

Coil & bracket                                                   Regulator

Carburetor                                                        Distributor(late 54)

Oil filler                                                             Exhaust, Muffler.

Most of the engine cooling tin                             Front quarter panels

Apron behind engine                                          Luggage area carpet supports

Wiring harness                                                  Headlights