VW Bus 1967


This Australian assembled bus was imported to New Zealand from Australia in 2003. Purchased off the internet the pictures apparently looked good.

However the compliance inspection required before registration in New Zealand revealed previous repairs of questionable quality.

A substantial amount of rust was removed from all the usual areas, - that had been covered over with a combination house siding, Coke cans, cardboard etc.

New panels were fabricated & fitted in accordance with the certification requirements for newly imported vehicles.

Only the work required to make the vehicle legal to use was performed and the paint was touched up to the belt line to make the vehicle presentable.

A pretty hard and expensive lesson to learn about buying unseen or uninspected vehicles over the internet. New Zealand has very strict requirements for new or second hand imported vehicles


VW Split Screen Vans.


Any of this model pre 1968 with the two front windows is extremely collectable & in demand all over the world. Prices have risen sharply in the last few years making restoration viable. Australian assembled versions are unique having extra engine cooling ventilation system.