VW Ghia Convertible 1970


Originally from California




The vehicle was found to be in very sound condition with most rust damage confined to rear floor pan sections and under the rear parcel tray area. Previously replaced sections of the floor pan were redone to the required standard and other miscellaneous rust spots repaired.

All suspension & mechanical parts were removed for further detailing & refurbishing.

The Ghia was painted in its original colour - Adria Blue.

Inner guards received a stone-guard coating and will also painted body colour to allow for easy cleaning and future detailing.

All mechanical & suspension and floor pan media blasted & painted black. New bearings & seals, linkages etc were fitted as required. The 1600cc dual port motor was in good condition & fully detailed.

The interior received new seat covers & carpets & a new convertible top cover was be fitted.

The car has never been shown but has been restored to concours standard.

VW Karmann Ghia.

Karmann is a German Coachbuilding company that built convertible Beetles for VW and also Porsche 356 bodies among other things. Ghia was contracted to produce a “sports” car design for VW in the late ‘50s and the design was made available as a coupe & convertible. While sharing quite a few items from the VW parts bin there are many unique to the vehicle. Of interest is the floor pan/chassis being much wider than the beetle version